EDIT: i moved all modular synth projects to another domain. will post a link asap


A concept for a four channel programmable ADSR/LFO/CV-looper, made in Blender3d, which is a pretty decent free 3d modeller/renderer.

The envelope generator is based on two ARM cortex M0 CPUs. To split the processor load and for time accuracy i decided to run the interface on one processor board, and triggering and driving the envelopes happens on the second CPU.


You can trigger four editable envelopes on four different outputs. There is one CV/audio input per channel, that lets you process audio with the internal VCA or read input-CV that can be routed to an envelope-parameter.

I developed a 4×8 custom font in numbers (Apples excel) for the 100×16 display, that i used on the whole machine.

I am thinking about doing the envelope-calculations on the “interface CPU” too, and it would also be possible to implement a digital noise or FM radio source.

On the other hand, to keep it simple it will most possibly not find a way into the final module.

For now there is a bunch of renderings and a package from mouser on the way, but building the interface will be fun, and scripting an ADSR generator is strongly aided by the ADSR.h library.



The final prototype that i am going to build now, will look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 22.57.53_001

The graphics are printed on 1mm grey PVC that will cover all LED encoders and the 100×16 display, so it will be flat black when off.


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