I had an idea of building a CV/GATE sequence-“sampler” for modular that’s based on magnet strips on magnet/credit cards.

So first things first, i made a proof of concept.

I started by opening a used micro-cassette pocket tape-recorder, you can use any cassette recorder, that’s just what i had lying around.


Next i got a USB-card swiper and 100 blank cards:


Opened that too, and took everything out except the play head.

As you can see it has three heads in one and so can write three lines of audio/CV/gate sequences.


Next picture is whats left from the swiper. It has small clips that hold the head in place, so you can take it apart easily. Its not necessary though.R0018393.jpg

Whats nice to have is the connector, where the flat cable gets connected too. It makes soldering wires to it relatively easy, compared to soldering to the flat cable directly.


I took a sharp knife and cut the PCB to get the connector:



Next i sanded off all remaining SMD parts, to make sure nothing is connected by chance.R0018400.jpg

Next i soldered three wires to the connector, one for ground, which seems to be present on both ends of the pin-row. The other two cables are the two pins of the middle tapehead.


Next, i wired everything up, ground to the original tape heads ground, the other two instead of the original tapehead.R0018402.jpg

R0018404.jpgI tested it at this stage with the built-in microphone, and speaker, which worked out fine. After that i connected wires instead of mic and speaker, and hook up a soundcard:


This worked out extremely great!!

Sad but true is, that something went wrong in the cassette player, and this 80ies piece of cr*p is all glued together, so i cant open it.

So next stage is to build a simple tape-circuit or slaughter another machine if i can get one cheap.

And of course use my Arduino-To-Stepper project to make it somehow controllable.



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