I ordered the electronics and frame for a race-copter, to build a small gimbal powered GoPro platform.


I ordered the cheapest frame as starting point, together with four ESC and four brushless motors.477-mcb-0051.jpg

As i already had the NAZA M V2 and the ZENMUSE H3-3D i didn’t need anything else.


What i also bought in a local electronics store is an appr. 1 ” diameter shrinking tube that’s made of some sort of thin neoprene coated with a rubber-net.

So what i did first, was open the ESC and removing the upper part of the shrink-tube.



Thats the new shrink-tube on an arm, next to an un-shrunk piece.


All four arms assambled:


Next, i soldered a powertree for all motors:


Next, i mounted the second deck, which was EXTREMELY annoying and i hope i have never to do this again. Also i will definitely buy a one-piece deck next time. You can see the powerlines in-between.



I also shrink-wrapped the receiver, to fit the design of the arms.


Final receiver:


Receiver mounted to the rear of the frame.

Whats also mounted is the NAZA controler, and what stayed of the original top deck. As the quad will get extremely front heavy, i did not mount the upper deck from the first photo of the original quad, but cut it in two, and mounted one part of it as a lower bottom deck.


You can see it right under the receiver.

Next is a sideview, with the gimbals top platform already mounted to the front of the frame.


The GCU (gimbal control unit) is mounted above the gimbal, which makes their gravitational forces the same, at least that’s what i was hoping for.


The last two pictures are the status quo after 3h of work. All that’s needed now is the battery compartment and a landing skid. Probably a retractable one.



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