I got hooked on the idea of electrify’ing and fpv’ing a 1:24 Revell Plastic Kit.

It got pretty popular to mod Revell 1:24 pickups to fit the Losi Micro Crawler chassis.

Like this example:

Remember that this is 1:24, so around 15-20cm long.


As the Losi Crawler has worm gears in the axles, i didn’t want to use them, and decided on a road vehicle rather then a crawler.

To get as much room as possible, i decided on a bus/van. And the fact that the 77 Van is the only decent Van you can get from Revell, i chose that one 🙂


I made a 3d mockup, to see if everything would fit.


Notice that i used the crawler chassis before finding out about the worm gears.

For the chassis i will try the Losi micro stadium Truck in 1:36.

If i’am not completely wrong it will fit perfectly except the too small wheel diameter and the too short wheelbase.

The Revell Kit has rubber tires that got around 30mm diameter, the losi truck has 22mm diameter, also width fits perfect.

As for now, the chassis is on the way, the body is untouched.



I will use an Arduino Micro to add/control the following functions:

  • sound module for engine sounds
  • complete light control
  • ramped servos/motor control

So basically i will use it as a master control to time the lights, sync the soundmodule with the ESC, and also use it to slow down pretty much everything. At least the motor and the steering servo.

Also i plan to use sequences for different stuff like steering, so that steering uses more time when not moving, also no constant movements but “pulsed” steering as if you would have to use both hands to steer.

A shifting sequence for the ESC simulating a 4 drive automatic.

So there is more to come. .




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