Two months after finding out that the Zenmuse H3-3D is NOT a standalone device, i opted for the official version, and bought a NAZA M V-2 flight controller.

Mounting an expensive flight controller in a RC-car doesn’t really make sense at first, but considering the massive amount of functions it hosts, it does make sense after all.

With the NAZA-MV2 fully integrated i could use the following functions:

  • GPS waypoints, means i can set waypoints on google maps and the car drives autonomous.
  • Steering stabilisation, means it countersteers on slippery ground or while excellerating.
  • The NAZA can host a seperate servo driven Gimbal, probably for a second fpv cam etc
  • Active (probably servo driven) Suspension, as i can read out the sensor data of the gyros
  • Return-to-home function
  • On-Screen-Display, artificial horizon, speed, altitude etc in my fpv set.

BUT it also means, that i have to “translate” the flight controllers servo signals to a servo signal that makes sense for a cars steering servo, with an arduino.

The good thing is, that the NAZA M-V2 operates completely standalone, and does not need any servosignals from the Rx to start-up and run. Therefore it just needs power and thats it. There is one channel reserved for H3-3D functions, i will integrate this one of course.


As you can see on the closeup i tried to keep everything clean, and drilled holes in the chassis to ziplock all cables to the car.

The NAZA manual says to keep everything cool, i stapled them on top of each other anyway, but made a small nuzzle in the body that sucks in air. It’s hard to find a flat surface in this car, so that the controller can set itself up on startup, so i had to staple them.


You can see the hump right after the front shocks to let air in.R0017993

Staying at the shocks, i gotta have to say, my waterballoon shocks-covers dematerialized themself, because of the shocks oil.

So this is not a good idea because the sticky yellow balloon is all over the shocks now.

R0017990 R0017991 R0017995

I added a small plastic mirror which works great.

R0017998 R0017999 Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 16.27.42


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