After weeks of waiting for motors i started to put the Pololu Zumo rover together.

I decided to use the Arduino MEGA instead of the Arduino UNO, to have more IO pins available.

The Pololu Homepage states that the Zumo shield IS NOT compatible to the Arduino MEGA, i tried anyway and it runs good.


You can see the difference in size on the photos, but it still fits nicely on the Zumo-shield as it shares the same pin-layout.

I read that you might not be able to use that combination because of different hardware interrupts.

As for now, i didnt test too much scripts on it, but i think it there is no problem at all.


I control the Zumo with a model cars 2ch Tx/Rx by reading out the Rx (its located in front of the GoPro on the photos).

The script for that is in the Zumo Library, so i only had to change the Pins i wanted to use as input (51, 53) and was ready to go.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.10.57

The Zump is powered by a 2S LiPo from my RC Logger Eye One Xtreme._MG_4778

The FPV Setup is the classic from ImmersionRC in the 25MW version, also gets power from a second 2S LiPo_MG_4779

For now, i just stapled it on the Zumo, as i didn’t make a dedicated backpack so far.

Whats also missing is a LiPo controler, that gives me some sort of feedback when the LiPo gets empty.

It seems that there is a battery-control built in/on the Zumo shield, but didn’t check it out.

For a first testride, check out this video:


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