The buggy is a Team C TC02 EVO kit version. It’s a 1:10 competition buggy which came as a roller.

That means no motor, electronics and tires included. I opted for 2 pair of sand front tires, cause i wanted the smoothest possible ride.


The gimbal is called DJI Zenmuse H3-3D.

They say its a standaone version, but it isn’t, because all Zenmuse gimbals need a NAZA controller.

So i have to decide if i wanna go the hard way of simulating CANBUS signals(6V) with an Arduino, or trying the NAZA OSD extension to upgrade the NAZA M to NAZA V2.

When i read the description right, it should extend the V1.0 version(no CAN-BUS) to a CANBUS version, so it “hosts” the BUS.


Whats in the car for now:

A helicopter gyro to stabilze the steering.

As soon as it detects a turn in one side it countersteers.

It sits between the Rx and the steering servo.


Next thing thats already in is the fpv set.

Its made by Immersion RC and is the 25MW (aka legal) version.

It gets the video feed directly from the gimbal which taps the GoPro via the USB port.

I probably upgrade to a cloverleaf set in the future.


The plan about the transmitters position is to get it as far away from the motor.

It is next to the (pretty strong) servo though, which hosts a motor too, so i will have to test the position once everything is connected.

I try to get the space in front of the camera as emtpy as possible to eventually add a cellphone, or LiPo monitor.


I have to check the iTunes store for some GPS speed tracking apps.

The shocks are covered with small waterbomb-balloons


R0017918 R0017920

Thats a preview view from the GoPro, it’s a screenshot from the iPad app, as i don’t have a micro SD at hond for now to save real footage.


Looks pretty good, though the cellphoneis WAY to big, so i will design a custom cockpit, probably with a bicycle speedometer and my LiPo Volts.

// please look for the newest update, as i had to change the setup.


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