I bought a new drone recently, its called RC Logger Eye One Xtreme.

It’s a very small (250 class) brushless drone with lots of power which makes it lift up to 150g.

A GoPro weights 75g so the question is not if but how to mount it.

I also put everything off the quad that costs weight, including all legs and the hood, so i got 30g off of it.

That makes it carry 180g instead of 150g and i used the bigger (150mm) rotors, which they advise you to use with their camera kit.

So far i tried two methods, both worked really well, so i will develop both for their own use.


First thing i tried is to concentrate the mass around the center, so i mounted the GoPro on top of the drone.

I had to bend the top LED and cut out some cardboard to build a flat surface.

I then used a sheet of moongel to dampen the vibrations and one velcro strap to fix the GoPro.

Thats it.

I wouldn’t try 3D acro with this setup for obvious reasons, but still, for no costs it flies nice and the costs are down to nothing.


The second idea i tried is to mount the GoPro in front of the quad to get rid of the rotors in the picture.

To mount it so far off the center of gravity, i had to transfer the battery from its original position to the back of the quad.

After the cardboard model, i found parts of a brushless gimbal that fit after playing tetris a bit.

I still have to connect them somehow, but with the batterie on top it flies perfect.



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