I ripped a 450 t-rex helicopter-clone apart and there are a lot of parts i will use on dedicated DIYs:

ROTORHEAD / main rotor

–Will be used as camerapod for my gopro fourspindle cablecam


–Will be used as cage for my Polulu Zumo robot

REAR ROTOR / belt driven

–Will be used as small GoPro Jig, probably for the zumo, but i doubt it


–Are always great, escpecially tiny fast and strong ones from a helicopter


–I will try to use the motor and ESC for powering my razor scooter
–by driving the frontwheel directly with the outrunning part of the motor.

GYRO for the rear ROTOR

–Will be used either as steering assist in my TAMIYA f201
–(i plan a fpv car with it) or as cheap gimbal


–Will go into the zumo too, for direct control of the robot.
–6channels, two connected receivers with two antennas



Iam still about to move into a new flat, so i didnt even touch the zumo chassis that came a few weeks ago.

new flat is on the roof of a house, so i will use it as a remote gopro plattform / fpv robot / autonomus timelapse base, before using it as a floor cleaning robot.

I even think about a solar panel charging station on the roof or as a backpack device for the robot. The roof itself is flat and directly above my ceiling, so my wifi is everywhere 🙂 Will make things a lot easier. (after i will find out how i can use a wifi repeater to extend my gopros wifi of course)


Atmel Tiny85 based MIDI controllable servo plattform

I plan workshops based on an ATtiny85 microprocessor.
I will develop a stripboard-based digispark clone for it to build a small acoustic drumcomputer and a timelapse plattform using RC servos.



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