As part of my other project i built a MIDI-IN shield, to fit the top of my Arduino motorshield-stack.

All boards are unpopulated in the first photos, except the MIDI socket.




I read on sparkfun to number and date any revision of any board you make, so i started with the MIDI shield.

From left to right:

Revision 1 first prove of concept
Revision 2 working prototype
Revision 3 should be the final one, but i found out that i can extend the side where the MIDI IN board connects with one row, so i will make a new top-shield before i populate anything.


And the final-version on the small shield:


Thats the closed box so far, still unsure about the motor connectors.

My favorite would be one CAT5 ethernet socket per motor, so i could eventually play back the position. Also you can get them everywhere in different lenghts.


A fritzing on the MIDI-IN.
I put an Arduino MICRO in it for my other project, but you can take it as is, just connect 5V/GND/Rx of the Arduino UNO.


and a test with two motors attached playing a beat on the sequencer 🙂

And a testscript with MIDI callbacks:

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