I rebuilt the electronics of the timelapse slider, added MIDI and put it in a small aluminium box.


It hosts:

-Arduino MICRO
-micro RC cars ESC
-280 sized gearbox motor (~350:1)
-a pot
-an ON-OFF-ON buttonswitch
-eight LEDs as display

I started to design the PCBs, i wanted to use as many PCBs as possible, to clean up the design, and i ended up with three layers.



– Arduino MICRO (soldered on)
– Power socket


– ESC (soldered on)
– MOTOR (plugged on)
– MIDI IN socket (soldered on)
– MIDI IN circuit
– four SERVO – OUT sockets


– additional ICs (multiplexer for LEDs)
– two buttons
– pot


Together with a GoPro mount and a few servos, it can be everything from a superslow cable-dolly, to a normal automated dolly, that uses the motor to drive, one of the four servos to steer and use the other three servos for a 3-axis head.


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