First things first: The guy at the electronics store gave me a lot of wrong components, so instead of building it in an hour, i got to reorder it from mouser, cause i dont trust those guys in my local store anymore, and dont feel like checking every single part while in the store.

I already pay premium in a local store.

Santa, or some other internet god gave me the original schematics and service manuals of the TR-808 and if you look at the kick section, you can see its actually a pretty simple schematic:


I tried to mount it on a perf-board, but as i already wrote, i found out, i got the wrong caps, and i remembered why i hate perfboards.


Its actually 80% finished, but i will still desolder it and rebuild it on strip-board which i like way more then perf-board.

When the parts arrive from mouser, which will be i guess in one week or so.

Until then, i hope that i already finished the second project for my modular which will be a MIDI to GATE converter.


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