The concept will be based around

-an arduino micro
-an RC-cars ESC (speed controller)
-servo protocol based motors/servos

The choice fell on this layout as it covers a lot of tasks with one solid solution.

Powering the arduion, powering the servos, AND powering the motor of choice (brushed/brushless)

You can see that i put the “powered” Servo-plug one hole to the left to minimize the chance of missmatching outputs.

I got FOUR BUTTONS as input, also as there are four available servos, it could act as direct control together with the pot.

The POTENTIOMETER serves as analogue imput.

The FIVE LEDs are meant as super minimalistic version of the minimalistic display that i want to use.

Originally it should be a 10 LEDs block, that has the exact size of two of the buttons next to each other, but i didnt had one, so i used 5 LEDs to at least simulate the idea.

The LED stripe serves various tasks:

step 6 of 10 of the setup process for example
from hard left to hard right (more a gimick, as you already see whats going on)
could come handy when pot is in wrong position when change servos, to prevent jumping i could implement a follow up function that waits till the pot reaches the current servo position.
obviosly the main function of the display, from a count-down to the next shot up to a total countdown during the timelapse.

So the idea is to have this as “modular brain” with all the buttons etc soldered to one PCB thats easily mountable and maintainable.

The BATTERY and the MOTOR will be placed of the other side of the wagon.

For a “final version” it would be nice to have the electronics fit into the square-tube with cut out windows for the ledstrip and the buttons/pot.


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