At the moment, the CV that comes out of the LFO is routed to a potentiometer called INT. on the monotron delay.

That potentiometer regulates how much CV is going into the VCO as this is the only value that can be changed by the LFO on the original monotron delay.

On the backside of the PCB you can see that under the middletap of the pot, there is an open tap point called LFO.

Thats the LFO-CV, so all we are going to do is connect that point to a 10megs poti mid contact, and connect one of the other two remaining contacts to an open tap-point called cutoff on the backside on the PCB

The new control regulates the LFOs influence on the LP cutoff freqency.

FIRST tap goes to the potentiometers mid-tap


SECOND tap goes to one of the potentiometers free contacts



Like in the other ones, be extremely careful while soldering, use the thinnest tip you got. Once you overheat the solderpoints on the back, they melt on the iron and you peel of parts of the PCB.


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