The problem with front panel space is that its limited.

I definitely wanna go 1U, so its going to be a tight place, especially as i wanna use knobs that have 40/30mm diameter clear plastic discs.

electric design wise, will go as the following:

– 2channels

– on each channel:
– EQ bypass
– 2band shelve EQ with selectable frequencies
– a gain knob

– after the EQ, every channel has its dedicated output buffer
– OPAMP based
– DOA based (eg. Neumann OA10)
– transformer based
– jensen
– neutrik
– palmer

the only question is how to make them exchangable while running.
as every channel has its own output section, you could use
different transformers for MID and SIDE signal,

– after the buffer is a passive Volume knob to saturate the buffer and pull the vol down.

– around all this is a Neumann style MS-L/R – L/R-MS matrix
encode and decode are switchable to be able to decide when and if to en/decode.


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