Got a ton of metal film resistors 12step rotary switches and stripboard pcbs.

I will try two alternative OPAMPs and/or build a DOA with the neumann schematic i posted earlier.

I still didnt decide on the condensators but iam close to it 🙂

Frequency wise i will use:

13 Hz
19 Hz
40 Hz
60 Hz
85 Hz
120 Hz

22 kHz
19 kHz
13 kHz
10 kHz
7 kHz
5 kHz

Whats definitely going to be in the box is a transformer balanced output, and a passive gain reduction after that to overdrive the transformer.
well and probably a passive induction based lowpass 🙂

What could be in the box if i use opamps is an R+L to M/S and vice versa matrix. Transformers are just too damn expensive. 150 bucks just the transformers to do one conversion. Also resistors have to be 0.1% matches as it directly affects crosstalk.

So opamp is the way to go this time ^^

It would probably make sense to add another eq after the conversion back to R+L stereo.


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