After last weeks weekend project which was building tabletop racks for all my 19″ stuff plus wooden cheeks for my elektron gear, this weekends project is to built a midi controller.

Even with an usb hub and a soundcard and a midimate, my ipad mini fits perfectly in my midi enviroment, i was lacking a dedicated dock that has all the connections, symmetric outs midi IO etc

So the plan is to hack a midi controller, a USB soundcard and a monotron to build a controller that can do the following:

Complete IO for the ipad

__symmetric audio IN/OUT
__midi IN/OUT
__MS20 filter, patchable IN or OUT

As this is a proof of concept, i will take the cheapest parts available

__birch instead of mahagoni at homedepot for around
__akai lpk8 instead of anything decent, so no wheels, but the only alternative would be the line6 and thats too big
__behringer 202 soundcard, unsymmetric and generally crappy and RCA …. but small and cheap
__cheap usb hub
__female MIDI plugs and around 12 mono plugs (thats expensive ^^)
__some cables
__korg monotron for the filter

The controls left and right the ipad are mounted on dedicated panels to make it easier to expand and change layout.

I will use the CCK and plug the cable everytime instead of a dock-style connection.





    1. thanks, bought the hardware yesterday, ripped the keyboard apart and it looks surprisingly good (hackable) inside.

      connected everything and it runs fine so far, so all thats needed now is the wood.

      if you got an ipad mini by yourself i can put a blueprint online

  1. yes please! I, and I’m sure many others, would love to make something like this, but would definitely need instructions on how.

    1. at the moment its built around the ipads headphone plug, so stereo(headphones)-out on two mono plugs, and a mono(microphone)-in on one mono plug

      its meant to patch the MS20 filter

      originally it would be to run symmetrical outs to my mixer in case iam running a synth app or to use it as ins at outs when using turnado for example.

      i will most possibly buy a iconnect midi+ and better keys for a regular ipad-synth cause a lot of people where asking me that allready.

      at the moment i just want to use my ipad with my hardware, but i thought its more fun making some controller type device then just a breakout-box which was the initial idea 🙂

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